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Johnny D's Health Zone Plus

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Southwest Florida Region

Blast From the Past - Music From the 1950's to 2000  (This page is still a work in progress.)

Click on the Decade below to listen to more music from your past.

The 1960's

The 1970's

The 1980's

The 1990's

American Female Singers of the 1940's

Duration:  1 hr 17 min

1940's USA Singers (1945-1946)

Duration:  1 hr 20 min

                 The Best of  50's & 60's Rock & Roll Party Hits

              Duration:  1 hr 46 min

                    Classic TV Footage of  #1 Billboard Hits (1955-1959)

                                          Duration:  19 minutes

"Rock, Rock, Rock!" - A 1956 Movie (Black & White)

The film is an early jukebox musical featuring performances 

by established rock and roll singers of the era. 

Duration:  1 hr 25 min

Vintage Music & Pictures from the 1950's

Duration:  50 minutes

Duration:  43 minutes

Listen to music from...

Watch the True Stories

Behind Some of Your Favorite 

Musicians from the 1950's

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From the Past Page

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